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How It Started

Our family have always appreciated high quality culinary ingredients. The problem was that we could never find the right produce locally. We noticed that the climate caused difficulties with local farmers. That's when we built our first Greenhouse. 


Mojan Farms meshed high-tech growing systems with greenhouses to create the ultimate ecosystem. We converted a part of the desert into an indoor oasis, giving you the highest quality of produce within 30 minutes of your kitchen.

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What is a Greenhouse?

It is a closed structure that only allows light to enter, separating an indoor area from the outdoor environment. We then cool down the greenhouse using saltwater running through cooling pads; This protects us from extreme heat, pests, dust and disease. 

We also use hydroponic technology to save up to 90% of our water. The greenhouses use retro-fitted technologies to automate and monitor vitamin levels in each plant. This technology is also paired with the use of live Bumble Bees to pollinate all our veggies.

The Ecosystem

A word from our Founder

Our Clients

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