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The Mycelium Project

Mojan Farms is attempting to bridge the gap between arid regions and comprehensive food security. Our latest venture into this solution presents itself in the form of Mushroom farming. 

Our goal is to create an automated mushroom facility in Saudi Arabia, with a vision of enhancing Saudi's dependance on locally grown Protein-rich fungi. The initiative includes designs and genetics from international Dutch and French partners.

How do mushrooms grow?

Fungi are everywhere. They pop up throughout our environments, appearing as mold on fruit, yeast in beer, and in our yards. Not quite a plant, and not quite an animal - they are a kingdom all their own.

White Button Mushrooms grow under nutrient-rich soil, and can contain millions of interconnected fibers that distribute nutrients across the organism. These fibers are called Mycelium. 

The Ecosystem

A state of the art facility focused on modularity and robotics. Our design can produce mushrooms in all climates including arid conditions. It is a flagship of next-gen CEA projects.

From Farm to Pharmacy

Mojan Farms plans on producing over 20'000 pharmaceutical supplements derived from Mushrooms (Protein rich and Vitamin D fortified) and a collection of farm grown essential oils.

Interested in Joining our Mycelium Project?

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